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Our Story


Human Hair Depot is a Virginia-based distributor of human products to individuals and small businesses. As a retailer, the company offers an array of Remy and Non-Remy human hair products through its web property HumanhairDepot.com. As a wholesaler, the Company offers stylist, beauty supply outlets and related business discounted bulk orders of Remy and Non-Remy human hair products. 
Along with our affiliates and partners, we offer service Maryland, Virginia, District of Columbia, Georgia, Florida, Ohio and Michigan. We are the human hair provider to elite salons in MD, VA, GA, FL and OH.  
About our Products
Human Hair Depot offers 100% genuine unprocessed Virgin Remy Indian Hair.  It is “Virgin”, because it is guaranteed to be unprocessed, free of any hair color or chemicals, retaining all cuticles in its original healthy state. It’s “Remy”, because all cuticles of the hair are guaranteed to be in the same direction, which eliminates tangling problems. And it is 100% genuine Indian hair with sourcing directly from India. Our product is not mixed with any other types of human hair, animal hair, or synthetic fiber. Our hair is available in single and double drawn weft for weaving and loose for braiding. 
Remy Human Hair
Our Remy Human Hair product line is your standard high quality tracked hair. This hair has been chemically 
treated for the relaxed silkiness and color to provide your customers with their specialty products needs.  
This hair is available is various colors, lengths, waves and curls.      

Our Mission 

Empower and encourage women of all walks of life to know that beauty comes from within. Our hair is part of our physical makeup and sometimes viewed as an accessory; we are here to help you embrace change. Whether you are looking for a new style, or its time to give your natural hair a break or you may be suffering from hair loss.  We are here to guide you through any beauty transition



Our Goal

At Human Hair Depot we believe in flexibility, affordability, quality and service.  With advanced technology and premium quality, we strive to provide women flexible styling options with a celebrity look and feel at affordable prices.  You are our #1 priority, therefore we provide superior customer service to every one of our customers; an experience worth talking about!   


Company Overview

Human Hair Depot specializes in premium human hair extensions, 100% Virgin Indian, Virgin Brazilian and Indian Remy Hair. Our products range from a variety of Weft, Tipped, Clip-in extensions including Closures Lace Wigs and custom Wigs. We are a California-based distributor of premium human hair products to stylist, individual customers and small businesses. We believe in offering the industry's best and pleasing every customer, therefore we have conducted extensive research to locate the top international suppliers providing consistent quality and longevity with each bundle of hair. 

Our 100% Virgin Indian and Brazilian Hair

Human Hair Depot offers premium 100% Virgin Indian and Virgin Brazilian Hair sourced from the temples of India and the exotic lands of Brazil.  Each bundle of hair is hand pick to ensure the quality remains consistent. We guarantee consistent premium quality results with each order.  Our hair is “Virgin” because it is guaranteed to be pure and unprocessed, free of any treatment, hair color or chemicals. Our hair is tangle and mat free because all cuticles of the hair are guaranteed to be in the same direction, which increases longevity. Our hair is 100% Virgin as it is not mixed with any other types of human hair, animal hair, or synthetic fiber. Our hair is available in various lengths and common natural colors (jet black-#1, off black -#1b, natural color, dark brown-#2) and custom colors.  


Our Indian Remy Human Hair

Our Indian Remy Hair product line is quality weft hair which has been chemically treated using a special process that strips the cuticles to create a unified curl pattern and texture. Like most Remy hair products found in beauty supply stores this hair is sometimes mixed with other hair and fibers.  The hair is the most affordable equivalent to store bought hair with a much softer texture. This Remy hair can be colored to meet your special needs, it is also available in various styles, colors, lengths, wave and curl patterns.